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We provide professional Plano windshield replacement and automotive glass repair. At Bill’s Auto Glass of Plano, we guarantee every installation or windshield repair for life. Our professional technicians have ten years or more in the windscreen replacement industry. Bill’s Auto Glass, located at 1209 K Ave. in Plano, TX, offers in-house service and free mobile service for faster repairs. Our company has been providing reliable Plano windshield replacement for over twelve years. Above all, our shop is famous for our low price quotes on all of these services:

  • Windshield Replacement
  • Rock Chip Repair
  • Window Regulator
  • Broken Door Window
  • Side Vent
  • Back Window Replacement

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Windshield Repair Services

Windshield repair service has many benefits. When the time comes that you need a new windscreen, contact the pros, We can handle any crack or chip in a timely manner. Our shop, located in Plano, TX, specializes in chip repairs, and our professional technicians can handle all your replacement or repair services. If the windscreen is only nicked by a rock chip, we can save you possibly hundreds of dollars.

Window repair is much cheaper than windshield replacement. Moreover, we also provide free mobile auto glass repair in Plano and the surrounding areas. This includes Allen, McKinney, Murphy, The Colony, Garland, Frisco, and, of course, Dallas. A chipped window only takes a little expertise and a few minutes to fix. That’s a small price to pay to save you the hassle of a complete replacement. That is to say, the next time you notice that ding in your windscreen, call us before it costs your family potentially hundreds.

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The Cost of Plano Windshield Replacement

Doing great work at Bill’s Auto Glass is only part of what we do. Above all, this makes us an excellent choice for any Plano windshield replacement service. In addition, a new windscreen could range from under two hundred dollars. However, some of the more modern vehicles have auto glass that ranges in the thousands. In other words, our professional service team does wonders for the customer to keep the cost to a minimum. As a result, we have access to over three glass distribution centers within the area. This helps us replace the broken car window in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Most importantly, our company is considered the premium Plano auto glass shop in North Texas. The labor cost will vary on every auto glass replacement depending on the make and model; therefore, don’t forget to get that windshield repair taken care of before it cracks. In conclusion, avoiding unnecessary expenses is always a good thing for your wallet and well-being.

Windshield Replacement Sensors

If you are filling out a quote form below, please be as specific as possible regarding the features of your vehicle’s auto glass replacement. For example, if your car has lane departure, check the box pertaining to that sensor. Furthermore, make sure to check the rain sensor box if your vehicle has one. Consequently, a forward collision alert is easily identifiable and is usually noticed by beeping when a vehicle gets to close to an object.

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Lane Keep Assist Windshield Safety Feature

The heated wiper park area is a sensor that normally requires assistance to notice. However, there are some heating elements that we can distinguish and determine if it have the de-icer feature. Furthermore, if your automobile has this feature, you may save money by getting a non-heated windshield. This is a very common practice among our customers, especially for older automobiles.

Premium Windshield Features Regarding Your Replacement

A condensation sensor is a safety feature on your windshield. These sensors usually require a box behind the rearview mirror. Most notably, slits on its front enable identification. Typically, it’s on the right side and connected to the top of the windscreen. This sensor’s purpose is to act as an automatic defroster, which is quite handy.

Briefly, we’ll touch on HUD and acoustic interlayer. If HUD is on in the settings, the speedometer or MPH will be displayed on the windshield. For example, a Chevy Corvette will display the speedometer. However, a Range Rover Sport will display the MPH. Furthermore, the acoustic interlayer feature will provide a quieter noise level. This is becoming more common amongst newer windshields.

Finding the Right Plano Auto Glass

Certainly, it happens on more than one occasion that we end up bringing the wrong auto glass out to install. However, this only happens about once a month and it’s just a simple fix of rescheduling the appointment. The only time there could be a cost associated with the service call is if the material was non-returnable.

For instance, our company was given the incorrect VIN number, but this is a very unlikely situation. On the other hand, we do accept appointments to come out to your location in Plano to determine the correct windshield needed for replacement. We also accept scheduled walk-ins, if that is more convenient.

Free Auto Glass Quote for Your Vehicle

Fill the form out below for your free automobile window quote. As a result, someone from our company will get back to you in a timely manner. Need a faster Plano auto glass quote?  Call us up, it only takes a few minutes to inquire about what service is best for you. Above all, we love helping folks get their automotive windows back in one piece.

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