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Plano, TX is a busy city with a population of more than 285,000 people. With so many automobiles, vehicle maintenance including windshield replacement is also high. On the bright side, Plano auto glass repair is available when needed. As a result, our company only uses qualified technicians for each auto glass installation.

Furthermore, each installer has no less than ten years’ experience in the glass industry. Every window replacement we install is under warranty with the guaranteed installation. Here are a few things you should consider when you’re looking for the right windshield glass repair shop in Plano, TX:


To ensure the outstanding service with a high-quality repair, Bill’s Auto Glass of Plano only uses the best OE material available. Windshield technology has gone through a lot of improvements and so does the equipment used in the repair process. A good auto glass shop will always update their equipment to ensure the best quality service.


Turnaround Time

Depending on the time of year and weather conditions, scheduling an auto glass replacement varies. Work orders scheduled at the client’s facility could be postponed due to inclement weather. Typically that is not an issue, but a day or two of rain or freezing temperatures could postpone the repair. We can usually have the job done the next day after initial contact from our quote system. Sometimes if early enough we may even offer same-day service. The process of the work order should not take too long, depending on the job. Most auto glass repair or replacement appointments usually take less than an hour.

Plano Auto Glass Guaranteeauto glass repair Plano

Auto Glass of Plano guarantees every job installed against defects for as long as you own the vehicle. Some examples may include loose moldings, distortion in the window, or wind noise. We do not take responsibility for damaged bodywork causing defects by previous installations. In order to claim a warranty, we would need evidence that the work was ordered completed by our company.

Extra Services

To attract new customers, a lot of windshield replacement shops in the city of Plano, TX offer extra services such as free mobile. It’s a good idea to consider fixing your windscreen in an auto glass replacement shop that can offer these services. But remember despite all the extras they can offer, you still need to emphasize your judgment based on the quality of their window repair and replacement.

Certified Skilled Windshield Technicians

Auto Glass of Plano

The technicians we send are certified and have the experience needed to repair or replace windshields properly. Furthermore, we recommend the company you choose to only hire skilled technicians with proper certifications. Auto glass certifications can verify that the technicians have received proper training. This ensures they have a good understanding of the window installation and repair procedures, as well as its safety standards.

Luckily, The folks at Bill’s Auto Glass of Plano are fortunate enough to have just the kind of skill required for professional windshield replacement. In fact, our company is up to date on all the new safety features in today’s vehicles. Whether your car has a rain sensor, lane departure warning or even forward mitigation alert our experienced windshield installers are well equipped for the job.

The Price is Right for Plano, Texas

Plano, Texas

Always get a price estimate before you hire an auto glass company, so you can make comparisons and know whether their price is reasonable or not. When comparing other companies to ours, please consider we are highly rated for our profession. Our services are also available in Richardson, McKinney, Allen, Frisco, and Murphy if you prefer the convenience of our free mobile windshield repair service.
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